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Taking a closer look at the future

20/20 Vision : Predictive Modelling

Using Big Data sources processing tens of millions of records or delivering individually personalised responses from minimal data sets, our predictive modelling services cover all aspects of data preparation, model building and implementation.


We have a developed a unique set of deep learning algorithms, based upon the neuroscience of habit and goal seeking behaviour. Our unsupervised A.I models learn in real time, without a requirement for massive baseline learning data sets. 


They are super efficient learners and can be deployed for real time click-stream data analytics, real time detection of Sybil threats and the recognition of critical behaviour patterns. Buying intentions, for example, or intentions to exit, information gathering patterns and much more.

With an integrated ensemble set of our models working hand in hand with conventional analytics, including Markov chains, we can design and deliver bespoke A.I solutions to the most intractable problems. Our models continuously improve their predictive powers and update themselves when circumstances change. Collectively or as discrete single model units, they deliver fast real time decision support and are an indispensable addition to digital dynamic content management initiatives, loyalty programmes and LTCV, SYBIL threat detection procedures, accurate trend analysis and other operations requiring accurate predictions of future states.

By setting our interacting collection of models within the environment of a conventional App, we deliver an autonomous, local, intelligent solution which not only learns for itself how to predict but ALSO learns for itself how to respond.  Recognition and response are two sides of the same coin, combined within an integrated intelligent framework which can be deployed on any IT platform. We deliver a unique, autonomous, self motivated state management solution to some of the most intractable problems. 

Finally, we can embed the algorithms in applications which also deploy our optimiser technology, including evolutionary algorithms, to deliver not just a solution but the best solution.


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