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Customer Experience Optimisation


Retail customer loyalty programme designers, public sector service delivery teams, NHS STP managers, commercial organisation and operations managers.


Design loyalty programmes which optimise the customer experience, drive change and deliver long-term value.


The shopping habit is just one example of a learned behaviour which is sustained by enjoyable, rewarding experiences.  Recent studies have provided new insights into the mechanics of the learning process and the neuroanatomy and physiology which underpins rewarded behaviour.


At Watson Gill we know how the frequency and timing of rewarding experiences determine the nature of shopper behaviour.

We understand the way we acquire habits and the most effective ways to create and sustain habitual shopping behaviour, for example, motivate NHS patients to adopt healthier lifestyles or deliver effective process change within large organisations. 

Bring a real understanding of the science of changing behaviour into your initiatives in the retail sector or apply retail sector expertise to your change management programmes