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Embodied intelligence 


We have evolved our intelligence to survive in rapidly changing hostile environments.  Our brains are not static; they respond to feedback from our environment (inputs) and modify our behaviour (outputs) continuously.  We learn and adjust our behaviour in real time, very quickly.


Our intelligence is 'embodied'; it has a body to control and is positioned between sensory data inputs on the one hand and motor outputs on the other.  Our intelligence is also 'motivated'; we have objectives - outcomes - which we have to deliver if we are to survive.  


As our understanding of the mechanics of intelligent behaviour grows, there are step change gains to be had from adopting and applying the design features of our intelligence driven sensory-motor systems. 

At Watson Gill we specialise in the real world application of embodied, motivated A.I.  Our solutions are directly derived from the neuroscience of intelligent, motivated behaviour.  We have applied embodied A.I to merchandising, space management, personalisation, process management and a plethora of seemingly intractable optimisation problems. 


We'd be delighted to come and talk to you about the exiting possibilities for our next generation A.I applications