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Habits, Motivation & Reward


Change management professionals, customer loyalty programme designers, team builders, NHS STP managers, organisation process design and operations managers.


This course shows you how to make change happen. 


Managing change has never been so important for individuals, retailers, public sector organisations, NGO’s and private sector organisations large and small.  Change is happening at an unprecedented rate and has to be managed if its substantial benefits are to be realised, and its potential for disaster avoided.  Unmanaged change is disruptive and expensive.  


Efficient, managed change only happens when we put in place effective processes which motivate people and reward them. 


Recent advances in neuroscience and behavioural economics have delivered new insights into the way we deliver change. 


We set out the theory and practice of changing behaviour, the development of sustainable new habits, new transformational ways of working and living which increase the ROI for your behaviour change initiative.