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Consumer choice and decision making have been the bread and butter of economic theory since Adam Smith penned The Wealth of Nations in 1776. Almost 250 years later we are at last beginning to understand the neural circuitry which actually underpins real consumer behaviour - and the results of applying these insights are game changing.


Watson Gill is uniquely able to apply that understanding to help shape 21st century retail, finance and manufacturing operations, in both digital and bricks and mortar environments.

We deliver increased sales, increased long term customer value and increased customer satisfaction. 

We have developed innovative new pricing strategies, developed much more effective sustainable consumer loyalty programmes, improved game play experiences, delivered niche & location specific merchandising, sales uplifts and increased ROI for both public and private sector operators.


And right now, one of our key focus issues is click-stream analytics and online customer decision making.

We can identify critical patterns of behaviour and distinguish, for example,  buying intentions from browsing & information gathering behaviour.  Our A.I can learn without supervision to recognise exit intentions, SYBIL threats, extreme posts and autonomously trigger personalised incentives, offers and even personal pricing. Across all sectors and every size of operation, we can deliver cost effective innovation.  


From pricing strategy to manufacturing design, we apply behavioural science to deliver better solutions. Contact us for our specialist SYBIL threat management and extreme post handling services.


Better, more enjoyable experiences for your consumers.  

Higher long term customer value for you

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