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Reward Analytics

Our behaviour is largely shaped by habit  - and our habits are largely shaped by rewards.

Two quite different sets of neural pathways are activated as we develop new habits. The first set mediate our initial ‘goal seeking’ behaviour.  If this behaviour is successful, we are rewarded. 


The reward is a surge in the release of the 'pleasure' chemical, dopamine. Over time rewarded behaviour becomes a new habit, mediated by a gradual migration to the second set of reward pathways. 


We don't think about our habits, so long as they continue to be rewarding, because this second set of pathways is fully automatic. And of course, our habitual behaviours are value insensitive - mmm, that's right, value insensitve.  Call us for a chat about the implications of these findings for your customer operations

Both goal seeking and habitual neural pathways can be explicitly targeted by effective reward schedules to deliver and manage  sustainable new habits. Our innovative reward schedules ensure that enjoyable and literally rewarding customer habits emerge rapidly and predictably.

So, if you are a retailer looking to increase sales or develop a new pricing strategy, or the effectiveness of your bricks and mortar and digital operations, a marketing group tasked with increasing ROI, customer loyalty and long term customer value, a public health body trying to improve our eating habits or operating in HR to deliver more efficient staff compensation and reward programmes, Watson Gill can help.


A more effective approach to changing consumer behaviour.