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Inspiring and enabling teams

Individual skill level optimisation


Training, Education & Research

We now know a great deal about the way we acquire our habits, the process of learning new behaviours to replace the old ones, and the latest neuroscience behind that process.

We also know how habits are sustained and become extinguished.

Our training ensures that you understand all of these critical aspects of habitual behaviour and are able to apply the latest behaviour change theories in order to maximise the effectiveness of your initiatives.

  • Understand how we learn – key learning theories and the science of learning

  • Differentiate between motivated and habitual behaviours

  • All you need to know about positive and negative reinforcement

  • Learn about our reward pathways and how to trigger them

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Roll Out Support and Train the Trainer

Designing your programme is just the beginning. When it rolls out the mechanics of delivery can be overwhelming. Let us help take the strain – we can deliver your programme locally or nationally and help define the behavioural economics of your initiative ... what will your ROI be ? 


And we can support you by adding a specialist element to your initiatives, preparing training and education materials and training your trainers.


We provide a full roll out support service, administration & logistics, and post-delivery statistical analysis of outcomes.


  • Full-service support for your programme design, marketing and roll out

  • Courseware materials, including digital platform creation and gamification 

  • Intregrated marketing and post-delivery statistical evaluation 

  • Logistics, behavioural economics and ROI analysis, statistics and rollout administration


Consumer Research 


We design and operate rigorous F2F and digital trials to deliver definitive insights into any aspect of customer and competitor behaviour.​


One of our current focus fields is context dependent choice and the development of empirically based predictive models of customer decision making in support of strategic pricing.


Our custom research, study and trial designs are rigorously scientific and our results are subject to detailed statistically analysis.


  • Panel selection and screening

  • Bespoke digital trial software development

  • Nationwide F2F trial locations

  • Anonymous, statistically driven double blind trial designs